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Brad Sherman

Brad ShermanMD, FACP, FHM

Brad Sherman is the Medical Director and Chair of the Department of Medicine at North Shore University Health System Glen Cove Hospital. In that role, Dr. Sherman is the director of Quality and Performance Improvement for the Department of Medicine. He has been completed Advanced Leadership Courses from the National Council of Healthcare Leadership and the North Shore LIJ Physician High Potential Program. He completed a Fellowship in Quality from the Greater New York Hospital Association in 2009 and the Advanced Leadership Development Course from the National Counsel of Healthcare Leadership.

Dr. Sherman has been involved in several Quality initiatives including a Six Sigma Project on Reducing Variation in Care for Patients Admitted with Heart Failure; A Capstone Project on Reducing thirty one day readmissions for patients with Heart Failure, and a project on Physician Accountability and Responsibility titled, “Who is in Charge.”

Dr. Sherman is on several leadership committee’s for the North Shore Health System including the North Shore LIJ Committee on Quality for the Board of Trustee’s, The Faculty Practice Executive Committee on Quality; The Faculty Practice Leadership Council that he Chairs. Dr. Sherman is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Hofstra University School of Medicine. Dr. Sherman has recent articles on the Hospitalist Perspective on Treatment of Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia and on the Treatment of Skin and Soft Tissue Infections. He has recently completed the Healthcare Leadership Academy’s Physician Leadership program.